Jabhat Al-Nusra publically executes two men in Yarmouk

Jabhat Al-Nusra, which continues to occupy 60 percent of Yarmouk, executed on December 10th two residents of the camp. In what was its first execution of the kind, Zakariah Mir’i and Shadi Abu Siam were publically executed on charges of blasphemy. This gruesome act is further evidence, as though any were needed, of Nusra’s barbarity. This follows a series of increasingly ugly impositions by Jabhat Al-Nusra on the camp. Perhaps the most tragic aspect of this slaughter was that one of the … [Read More...]


Faces of Our Dead: Photos of the Palestinians tortured to death by Syrian regime

There have been at least 265 Palestinians tortured to death by the Syrian regime. Hundreds of others remain vanished. No editorializing. No moral indignation. Here are the faces of 56 of the Palestinians who have been tormented to death: -Khaled Bakrawi -Hassan Hassan -Husam Al Din Al Numeri - -Mustafa Al Aide -Salah Rashdan "Abu Omar" -Natheer Mohammad Al-Mo'ty -Ayman Mohammed Sobhia -Saleem Mohammad Al-Mou'ad -Ghassan … [Read More...]

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Manufactured Drought: Yarmouk without water for 10 days

Water has been cut off entirely in Yarmouk refugee camp for 10 days. As I've already written about, the Syrian regime has engineered a drought since June that has compounded the anguish of the those still trapped inside the camp. Limited water services were turned on for only a couple hours every few days. However, water services have been shut off completely for the last 10 days. "There is no water in the camp," explains one resident, "we've been in this condition for awhile. It's either (a … [Read More...]


6 Palestinians tortured to death in the past week

Six Palestinians have been tortured to death by the Syrian regime in the past week. This follows the 30 Palestinian deaths by torture documented in August. Altogether, there have been over 250 Palestinians slaughtered in this manner by the Syrian regime. Here are the names of the six Palestinians tormented to death in the past week: -Mohammad Kamal Al Derbee -Taysir Bahloul -Osama Al- Tobasi -Aiman Younis Baker -Mohammad Nasser Jadaa -Suleiman Al … [Read More...]


28 Palestinians tortured to death in August alone.

There are now at least 28 Palestinians that have been tortured to death by the Syrian regime. Both Palestinian human rights organizations in Syria (Action Group for Palestinians in Syria & Palestinian League for Human Rights-Syria) have documented these deaths. 2465 Palestinians have died during the course of the Syrian war so far. Over 250 of them have died by torture. And this month alone, 28 Palestinians have been tormented to death, almost one every day. I have listed their names … [Read More...]

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A Palestinian has been tortured to death every day of this month

A Palestinian has been tortured to death in a Syrian regime prison every single day of this month so far. Yarmouk has been under a complete siege for over 400 days, a drought manufactured by the regime taunts it daily while what is left of its inhabitants remain trapped with no medical aid or basic necessities. Over 170 people have starved to death in Yarmouk, thousands of others were slaughtered by different means. 5000 homes have been demolished. 1,500 children are now orphans. Yarmouk, the … [Read More...]

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