Letter to Tel Aviv

Somewhere at the end of this half smoked cigarette, there is a sentence waiting. It will contain all the right quotes and statistics, all the histories and traumas. I will let it speak and then I will be silent. It will give you numbers. It will stitch pictures to each of these number. And you will be pursued into sleep with the stories of each of them. I want you to know their favorite colors, what they were like when they acted silly or couldn’t sleep or got excited. This sentence will … [Read More...]


صرصار المارينا

شُرفةٌ تُطِل على البحر ،في المارينا حيٌ في دبي، ميت لا يسكنه إلا المترفون كوب قهوة و سيجارة عند أذان الفجر كتاب يقلّب صفاحَته نسيم لا يَهُمه غثيان سارتر أرق متمرد، عقيم ...أرق ثورة من ورق ،قلم جف حبُره ..رغم رطوبة الجو صرصار كافكا مات عَجزاً و صرصار المارينا سيموت ظاناً بأنه تمكن من إيقاف صاروخ .بأثر تركه على الحائط فرح شما Farah Chamma is a Dubai-born Palestinian poet studying philosophy and politics at the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. She began writing poetry … [Read More...]


No Revolution is Perfect: Palestinian Youth Perspectives on Syria, Palestine and a Liberated Arab Region

In December of 2010, Palestinian youth of the world watched anxiously, and participated in, the monumental dawn of the Arab revolutions. Many Palestinian young people, despite our inclination to be suspect of any emerging forces and rapid power shifts occurring, instinctively supported the political earthquake as the means of rupturing decade’s long neo-colonial structures. We joined our brothers and sisters in Tunisia, in Egypt and across the Arab world, in some cases symbolically and other … [Read More...]


Meditations on the Naksa

Everything is a relic when you’re in exile. Above my desk sits a half finished portrait of Ghassan Kanafani that a friend of mine from Lebanon painted. If stared at long enough, loud Beirut nights reveal themselves and the bright roars of intemperance swell around my empty apartment. There are the prayer beads, their myriad colors bunched in an ashtray that bring me to the unforgiving heat of the Gulf, the remnants of Turkish coffee in a cup, the stories of my father. The books, always … [Read More...]


Palestinians in Palestine still overwhelmingly against Assad

As Assad opts for a modest 88.7% win for his third term, the latest Pew Global Attitudes Survey reaffirms that the self-designated liberator of Palestine continues to be flatly rejected by Palestinian in Palestine. The survey found that 83% of Palestinians under occupation consider Bashar Al Assad "unfavorable", 65% of which regard him as "very unfavorable" The survey confirms the prevailing contempt towards Assad, reasserting what surveys from previous years have already … [Read More...]


An unnaming of tragedy in 3 parts (Poem)

(to Palestine and Syria) I. Joints filled with fog, no way from here to bend them Joints filled with fog, bending them   Fog bent. Bones filled with fog, no way to lift them So lift them. But a request:   Please do not remember for that requires being dis-membered, and that seems far more painful than simply being forgotten.   II. Here are some words to commemorate something Here are some words to represent your daughter's sweet … [Read More...]

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