Let us dance (Poem)

(This piece is part of a series running all week on Beyond Compromise about Homs. In memory of the city, its brave people and its countless dead.) Let us dance To the sound of falling bombs let us sing to the tunes of scud missiles let us hold hands and stare as Sirin gas traces the air let us laugh at the accent of our neighbors and inhale the smoke of burning rubber Let us play hide and seek with 'resistance' fighters and write on the walls “Allah Akbar” Let us be one with each … [Read More...]

Barrel Bombs Handarat camp allepo

Shelling of Khan Eshieh and barrel bombing of Handarat refugee camp, Yarmouk siege continues

The Syrian regime continues to shell Khan Esheih refugee camp in Rural Damascus. It has also been relentlessly dropping barrel bombs on the Handarat refugee camp in Aleppo. (barrel bomb destruction in Handarat) Meanwhile, the huge list of Palestinians tortured to death by the regime continues to increase. Ali Yacoub, a young Palestinian, died after being tortured to death in a regime prison, he had been detained for over 8 months. There has been no entry of aid into Yarmouk for 8 … [Read More...]


The Dreams of a Palestinian (poem)

They say dreams come true. But the dreams of a Palestinian don't come through. At a checkpoint, They get stopped, searched, and stripped. Humiliated. When smuggled, They reach dead-end. They say dreams are valid. But the dreams of a Palestinian are like his existence. Invalid Rejected, Negotiable, Deniable, ` Refutable. Compromised, Unrecognized. My dreams crush 3 km into the sea. Get uprooted like the olives trees. My dreams are apartheid walled. Get deflated like a … [Read More...]


Existential Poem

The Big Bang never happened,Neither did Original Sin.You evolved from an abyss;Darwin must have not knownof existential chagrin.You are amorphous, like the wind,Like the poetry herein.You think, therefore you are not.Descartes and you are not akin. Yet, In this lamp-lit corner.Coffee, cigarette butts, your cold sandwich,and crumpled tissue paperRemind you.And just as you are about to forgetyour very presence,A cough, a blue fly, your bladder,the telephone ringing, your mother's voiceAnd the … [Read More...]

tribute graf


THAWRA NESA’EYA (Women’s Revolution) Flesh veiled the Shudder The penis curfew Liberation Starving to Bukowski (death) And Lincoln quoted with Stella lips; “We need a Women’s revolution of women by women of women; it’s the one thing we haven’t tried yet” To which everyone nodded while sinking into reticence flesh veiled the Shudder It beats the stare-down Those that bred and fed and raised and wept with drainpipe expectations as we sang our songs of innocent and Marx Souls in … [Read More...]


You, Residue Atlas (Poem)

You, Residue Atlas I will steal your dreams and call them my nostalgia, I will skin your skin and wear it as my own and I will ask why you are bleeding. What kind of revolutionary are you? Your blood is not nearly red enough and it's getting everywhere. Trust, sun. I will dream your skin and flatten it like your stories, wrap trees with it spread it under grass carpets wrap it around stones where it will always be like an unravelling sweater, and I will call it the warmth of … [Read More...]



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