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When starting out in the investment game it pays to do your research, what looks like a sure thing isn't how things will always pan out.
Carrie Blount
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My Story
Hi, I'm Carrie - The author of this blog, public speaker and Investment Banker. My goal is to teach people how to make their money go further and allow them to leave their old lives behind and become financially free.

My journey began when I started at Uni and realised I loved numbers and data. I was always great with maths but didn’t ever think I would be doing this for the rest of my life. Once I had completed my degree I worked for a bank in the city analysing their data. I soon got bored of this though and before long started to think about starting a blog.

Initially I was unsure of what to write about then I decided my passion was investing so therefore the main thing should be about investing. My family life also supported this, my father who is a business analyst always encouraged me to work with numbers so it was just a no brainer to do this.

A little about my family life – I have a daughter, Elsa and live with my husband Steve and our Dalmatian Marcy in our lovely home. I love dogs, always had one at home, I can’t imagine not having one.

Thanks for reading, if you want to get in touch please do!