For Manufacturers, Quality Control Should Be Sales MVP


For companies that manufacture products of any kind, there is a direct link between quality control and number of units sold. Engineers and technical staff sweating the QC details in the bowels of the factory may not see the link, nor may the salespeople who deliver high-tech presentations to million-dollar prospects in corporate suites. Nevertheless, the link exists, and it is solid: Well-made and consistent products boost revenues, while product defects drive existing customers and prospects into the eager arms of competitors.

The accompanying resource presents a highly focused overview of QC that may be helpful for startups in manufacturing, converting and fabrication, as well as personnel in manufacturing organizations who may not realize how important QC is to the success of their companies — and perhaps to their careers. To learn more about quality control and how to improve it in your organization, please continue reading.

Quality Control in Manufacturing from Marotta Controls, a Control Actuation Systems Company



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